Who we are

Dreamer – with our feet on the ground! A dynamic team in which every element of the group plays an important role! We are like the story of the symbiosis between bacteria and yeast … each of us is essential! Indeed, everyone brought their special know-how into the company to make this project a reality! The great thing about our project is that work means spending a day with friends to the rhythm of the music. We are sure that these positive energies will be transmitted in our Kombucha and are part of our secret formula. Good bacteria and good vibes only!

Our philosophy

During our passionate exploration of the extravagant world of fermentation, we had the opportunity to open our minds and be enchanted by Kombucha.

Kombucha taught us much more than just a fermentation technique and has become a real philosophy of life for us.

Interesting to see how the cultures live in symbiosis with each other. Every part, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance in this ecosystem.

At Intro, we have created a unique product with an inimitable taste, in full respect for the environment and at the same time beneficial for the human organism. In short: by drinking our Kombucha we will all win!